15 Funniest Rollercoaster Pictures That Will Make You Howl

If you’ve ever been to a theme park then you’ll know that besides the adrenalin rush you get from experiencing some of the most exciting rides, the next best thing definitely has to be the photos.

From hilariously warped faces to staged photos, we’ve come across some absolute crackers on the internet that proves just how funny it must be to work on the photography stands and witness these hilarious photos taking place.

So, if you thought that you had the worst looking rollercoaster photo taken, then think again – these incredible pictures will definitely make you feel better about yourself…;

1. You Can Play Monopoly Anywhere

rollercoaster 1

What happens when you want to liven up your rollercoaster experience? Whack out your box of monopoly. We don’t know how these guys achieved the perfect picture but we’ve got some serious envy for it.

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