17 Astonishing Energy Sources That Will Preserve Our Future

Peter Tosh famously sang ‘let the tress grow, let the waters flow’ in his song ‘No Nuclear War’.

His songs pushed for everyone to be conscious of our planet’s future, especially if we continue to use harmful energy sources.

Since his death in 1987, his home country of Jamaica has tried to use natural resources for energy.

They’ve said they would also want to work with the U.S. and other countries on renewable energy source projects.

Look at these 17 surprising energy sources that you didn’t realise will help our future.

Most are from Jamaica but other parts of the world are getting involved too.

1. Sludge

Sludge is basically the muddy gunk that is leftover from industrial processes. It is garbage. California alone produces 700,000 tons of the stuff every year, and scientists are working to make this guck useful.

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