Student Spends £3.1 Million After Bank Mix Up Gave Her An Unlimited Overdraft

Calling all students – imagine having absolutely no limit on your overdraft, we would be living like royalty! But, wow, we’d all be in a lot of trouble afterwards…;

Well, it seems like this Australian chemical engineering student had no problem with tallying up her spends when Westpac bank made a massive glitch in their system and upgraded her account giving her an unlimited overdraft.

student 1

Christine Jiaxin Lee, originally from Malaysia, spent a massive £3.2 million in less than a year from July 2014 to April 2015 , and it was only when the Sydney City Local Area Command’s CBD fraud unit police got involved with the investigation, did anyone actually notice.

It’s reported that Christine didn’t spend her money on round the world trips or luxury apartments – no, she just spent it on designer handbags. A whopping £3 million on fashion accessories!

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Even her own boyfriend didn’t think anything suspicious was going on – it was only when he got a call from Christine asking him to bail her out of jail that he found out. She had actually been trying to flee the country to Malaysia using an emergency passport when the arrest took place.

The 21-year-old student has been charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime.

However, Magistrate, Lisa Stapleton, believes that Christine didn’t in fact commit a crime at all. She told news.com.au: ‘It isn’t proceeds of crime. It’s money we all dream of.’

Lisa and Christine’s lawyer Fiona McCarron are both in agreement that prosecutors would find it difficult to prove that the student had done anything illegal. Fiona stated:

‘They gave it to her. If that was proved to be the case, then Lee would owe the money to Westpac and have to pay it back, but she wouldn’t necessarily have broken the law.’

But, that is an insane amount of money to pay back, especially when you’re a broke student.

student 3

We can only imagine that Christine’s plan of a lavish lifestyle whilst being at university has totally backfired, because not only might she have a criminal record- she’ll have her student loans to pay off and over £3 million pounds to conjure up out of thin air.

Moral of the story: never go over your overdraft…;ever.

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