This Elevated Bus In China Is Skipping Traffic Jams In The Best Way

Traffic jams in China are known for being pretty epic, with one particular jam having its very own Wikipedia page dedicated especially to it – yes, the China National Highway 110 jam is not one you’d want to be sat in on your way home from work!

Well, it seems road planners in China have decided to take a stance against their busy roads and try and end all of these problems for good. Spectacular plans have been put forward for a real-life elevated bus which travels OVER the stationary traffic!

Known as the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), it could be making Chinese traffic jams a thing of the past and those who take public transport are definitely the ones in for a treat.

As you can see below, the TEB plans to travel along over the top of cars to get through the stand-still jams.

china bus1

The concept has been made up into a mini model at a recent event know as the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo to show people how the epic bus plans to get across the country’s biggest cities.

It is estimated to carry up to 1200 people at one time and skip annoying morning or evening delays by driving right over the top of other cars.

china bus 2

We can’t imagine those people sat in the stationary cars will be too pleased about it, but with its promise to reduce congestion and pollution in the world’s most populated country, we don’t think it’s a bad idea at all!

Planners and developers believe it could be ready within a year if the proposals are accepted, meaning this crazy idea could actually be reality for locals and tourists in China. And if you would like to imagine yourself in the situation then the bus stop can be seen below:

china bus 3

Watch the full video below explaining the revolutionary elevated bus that may be about to boycott annoying traffic jams for good!

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