This Guy Doesn’t Know How To Wash His Car…Or Use The Brakes, For That Matter

Everyone seems to be in a hurry nowadays. Whether you’re rushing to work, racing to your next appointment, or picking up your kids from their Kundalini yoga class, life never slows down. While the hustle is appreciated in our culture, it sometimes gets way out of hand.

Take this guy, for example. He took the “quick” in “Quick Quack Car Wash” as a challenge, jetting through the entire process without any regard for anyone else’s safety.


On their YouTube page, Quick Quack Car Wash assures us that no one was hurt. They commend their employees for keeping it cool in the face of idiocy. All things considered, this worked out for the company, since this video allowed them to debut their stupid theme song to over two million unfortunate people who now wish that they were deaf.

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