Watch The Adorable Moment Disney Princess Spoke To Deaf Girl In Sign Language

We definitely take our health and well-being for granted when there are millions of people around the world who could only dream of being in our shoes.

People with disabilities often come across obstacles in their everyday lives and Summer, an adorable little girl from Wales who is deaf, couldn’t fully enjoy the excitement of her incredible Disneyland Paris holiday due to the language barrier.

When Belle and The Beast came over to greet her, they quickly noticed that Summer couldn’t understand what they were saying – that is, until Ariel saved the day and was actually able to cater to Summers needs by speaking to her in sign language. She even taught Belle and The Beast how to say their names which made the situation a lot more comfortable.

Summer’s parents were so shocked at Ariel’s kindness, a long with little Summer, who looked up to her Disney idols in complete awe.

It just goes to show that going that extra mile in your job to cater to a customer’s happiness can seriously make a difference – Summer will always remember her Disneyland holiday because of the incredibly kind people behind these famous Disney characters.

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